w/ Rollo//Dexx & Uabos

Saturday 20.12.2014 – Tunnel Club, Milan.


mixed by Sito

This is Disco.
You can call it Balearic, if you like.
House maybe? Here and there, sure.
It’s Funky and you can hear some african echoes.
And there’s a bit of Pop too.
Enjoy it.


Sabato 20 Dicembre 2014
c/o Terrazza Beretti
Resident: DJ ROCCA


mixed by Salvatore Stallone (Strictly Groove Recordings, Ork)

His journey started long time ago in 1974 in a club based in Montesarchio, Italy.
It’s a honor to host his last mix.
Ladies and gentlemen, Salvatore Stallone.


Sat. Dec. 20

Buena Onda w/ LEO MAS + Balearic Gabba Sound System

c/o Ex Forno Mambo (BO)

muzcal kenji

feat. KENJI TAKIMI (Crue-L/Being Borings)

Friday 5 December @ ZUNI
Via Ragno 15, Ferrara.


Sabato 6 Dic. 2014
c/o Terrazza Beretti, Reggio Emilia
entro le 00:30 ingresso libero
resident: Salvatore Stallone


BLTMR STUDIO project is back to 65mq in Milan with Billy Bogus, manager of Pizzico Records, and Johnny Paguro, Pizzico right-hand man and founder of Museek Record Label.


Dance OFF Vs Heavenly Social

dj residents: David Agrella//Michael Morley // Heavenly Jukebox

FRIDAY 28th November @ THE SOCIAL

5 Little Portland Street, London

7pm-1am Free Entry

…Dance Off is a happening aiming to combine DJing with live performance in London’s west end, the centre of the metropolis, in an edgy, and exciting manner hosting a monthly residency at the Legendary The Social.



mixed by Christian Zingales (Blow Up Magazine)

Any techno heads out there?
This mix will blow your mind.
Original 90s techno from the one and only Christian Zingales.

MDD has never been so techno!

BLTMR Loudtone

I Loudtone sono Umberto Saba Dezzi e David Lovecalò: si proprio quel LOVECALÒ che tanto donò nei golden years del COCORICÒ, nell’ambito dell’originalissimo -a tratti avvenieristico- MORPHINE Privé...


Friday 21.11 ▂ W | SIMONA FARAONE
Saturday 22.11 ▂ LEO MAS

@ 65metriquadri, Milano.

dj amir 65mq featured

Amir Abdullah (Kon & Amir / I Love Vinyl / 180 Proof / Wax Poetics) NYC – US.

Warm-up: TURBOJAZZ (CT-HI Records / Futureground)

Venerdì 14 Novembre at 65MQ, Milano.
23.00 – 3.00 | ingresso libero


mixed by Super Paolo (Tutto Matto, Disco Milk)

Tracks by Super Paolo, Kay Gee’s, The Wonderland Band, Peter Jacques Band, The Mike Theodore Orchestra, John Miles, Kat Mandu, Prince Ellis, Idris Muhammad, Wilson Pickett, Erotic Drum Band and many more.

dj parade 1986

Pre Boiler Room dj mix on video starring Mozart, Rubens, Spranga, Loda, Fattori, Pery, Meo, Fary, Zaira, Maselli, TBC, Altomare, Massimo Riva, Luca Piraccini.

MIX 100 artwork_Front

Full mix by Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca available for streaming.

Vinyl-Records-Mockup-01-MDD-square 1200

Mischio Dischi Disco celebrates its 100th episode with a super limited to 100 hand-numbered copies 180gr vinyl release of Mischio Dischi Disco Mix 100 mixed by two italian living legends, two generations of djs representing two of the most inspiring clubs that Italy and the world can remember:

DANIELE BALDELLI from COSMIC and DJ ROCCA (Ajello, Crimea X, Erodiscotique) from MAFFIA.

MIX 100 artwork_Front

Exclusive preview on DLSO where you can also win a copy of the MDD MIX 100 bundle (vinyl, T-shirt and bag).


mixed by Pacific Horizons


mixed by Turbojazz (CT-HI Records, Futureground)

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